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When we met Taylor and Gerard last summer at Appalachian Brewing Co., we connected instantly and knew that we had found our dream couple and friends. After dinner and drinks, we went to a local park for their engagement session. What a blast these two are! With that said, we literally could not wait for […]

Harrisburg PA Engagement Photographer

How Their Story BeganBack in elementary school Marissa and Brady were each other’s crushes. So cute! They went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together. They each went their separate ways after high school, so their story picks back up after finishing college. They’ve been together for 3 years now and are the […]

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How Their Story Began Cait met Nick at the Beverly Hills Tavern while she was home from Florida visiting family and one of her girlfriend’s needed a night out. Cait decided to go to Beverly Hills because it was an outside bar and that is where several of her friends hung out. Nick was there […]

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Rebecca & Matt’s wedding day was exactly what they had envisioned; a happy, relaxing and stress-free day. They held their outdoor ceremony and reception at The Lodge at Liberty Forge on August 31st, 2019. It was important to them that all of their guests had a great time. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Glessner! We are […]

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The temperatures lately have been glorious, and what could have been a hot summer day turned out to be a cool and comfortable fall-like day for Lacey & Sean’s wedding. Cozy fires, amazing weather, beautiful gardens, lots of greenery; exactly what Lacey & Sean had hoped for. What a magical day it was! Their ceremony […]

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How Their Story Began Courtney and Danny met at Penn State through a mutual friend on the very first weekend of their freshman year. They have been together for 7 years. After dating at Penn State, she moved back to her hometown in Rochester, NY and Danny moved back to his hometown in Harrisburg, PA. They […]

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How Their Story Began Caleb was home schooled for the majority of his school career and Destiny went to public school, but she knew some of his friends. One day Caleb decided to reach out over Facebook and he sent her a message. At that time, she didn’t give him much of a response. A […]

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How Their Story Began Jade is from central PA and moved to New York in 2011. She started working at a restaurant and that’s when she met Lou. They became the best of friends, and this friendship lasted for two years until it blossomed into something more serious. Lou tells us he knew that Jade […]

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Have you heard the exciting news?! We’ve grown our photography team and now have an Associate Photographer Program with three new associates! Because we are so passionate about our clients getting to know us and vice versa, we’d love to tell you more about them. Meet AlliAlli is married to a boy she went to […]

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Kevin and Jess met at a mutual friend’s (Matron of Honor, Carla) birthday party on July 19th, 2014. Jess spotted Kevin out on the porch and thought “oh, tall and handsome” and decided to make the first move; she invited him to sit at her table. They spent most of the party side by side. […]