Wow, what a fabulous year! After the last couple of years, the wedding industry has picked up tremendously. We had a total of 50 weddings for 2022, which is a far cry from the number of weddings we typically do. Not all 50 weddings were our own, though. We did a bunch of second shooting for other photographers and videographers we had the joy of working with.

After such a busy year, we’re going into 2023 with an upbeat, excited attitude and one that will focus on the little moments from each special story we capture. Sure, we capture it all–from before hair & make-up with the bride starts–all the way to the end of the night where we’ll join the wedding guests to send off the newlyweds. We’re just going to have more of a focus on the moments that are NOT staged or posed.

And, there you have it, friends! Check out 2021’s behind-the-scenes blog post here.

2023 is going to be one incredible year with 16 couples already on our books! We are so excited to work with all of our couples and their families. Thank you all for the honor!

Thank you to all of our awesome second photographers and videographers!:
Samantha Krick Photography
Kate Martin Photography
Bryan Beers Photography
Holly Marie Photography
Grant Michaels of Holly Marie Photography
Jon Kees of Kees Marketing
Josh Goodman Productions
Geordie Jackson Photography
Rewind Photo and Video

2022 Behind the Scenes

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