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How Their Story Began Morgan & Nick actually met in high school at their local airport. She was taking flying lessons and Nick was working at the airport to save up for lessons. She couldn’t drive yet so while her mom was waiting for her she was talking with Nick. After her lesson was over, […]

Morgan & Nick | West Chester, PA Engagement Photographer

May 23, 2019

How Their Story Began Caleb was home schooled for the majority of his school career and Destiny went to public school, but she knew some of his friends. One day Caleb decided to reach out over Facebook and he sent her a message. At that time, she didn’t give him much of a response. A […]

Destiny & Caleb | Hershey, PA Engagement Photographer

May 21, 2019

How Their Story Began Stephanie met Ian through his friend who had been interested in dating her at the time. She saw her fiancé at the time, back in 2009 to be exact, and she says that it was just love at first sight. It took them a while to finally start to date, but […]

Stephanie & Ian | Reading, PA Engagement Photographer

May 14, 2019

How Their Story Began Their love story is what Joy refers to as a whirlwind romance. She was living in San Diego, CA and Dave was living in Columbus, OH. They started talking online in the beginning of 2017 and by the end of February they decided this was something and to “date” exclusively. In […]

Joy & Dave | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer

May 9, 2019

How Their Story Began Jade is from central PA and moved to New York in 2011. She started working at a restaurant and that’s when she met Lou. They became the best of friends, and this friendship lasted for two years until it blossomed into something more serious. Lou tells us he knew that Jade […]

Jade & Lou | Reading, PA Engagement Photographer

May 8, 2019

How Their Story Began Kaitlyn & Drew met at work and often joke that they have the most unromantic story. At the time, they were both working as dispatchers for York County 911. Apparently, Drew had told pretty much everyone at work about how he liked her… except for her. They casually texted, but it […]

Kaitlyn & Drew | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer

April 17, 2019

Aside from their stunning good looks, Lexie & Tim are an extremely well-liked couple, and even that may be an understatement! They are so kind, funny, and love each other to pieces. They met in college and have been together for a while; 9 years to be exact. Wow! Tim proposed to Lexie in the […]

Lexie & Tim | Philadelphia, PA Engagement Photographer

March 25, 2019

Hey there, dear friends! Did you know that out of all of your wedding vendors, your photographer and videographer are the two that you’ll be spending most of your day with? Today we’re sharing about why engagement sessions are so important to have done before your wedding day. We include these sessions in all of […]

Why Engagement Sessions are Important | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer & Videographer

January 17, 2019

Lydia & Andrew have been dating ever since they met in high school at the ages of 15 and 16. They are truly high school sweethearts! They dated for about 8 years before getting engaged. They finished high school together and went to different colleges, Lydia at Lock Haven and Andrew at Elizabethtown. They had a […]

Lydia & Andrew | Long’s Tree Farm & Dickinson College | Carlisle, PA Engagement Photographer

December 7, 2018

They met in middle school, 6th grade to be exact, and began dating in 7th grade. Their dating relationship continued off and on throughout middle school, high school, college, and after college, but they’ve always ended up back together, and now they’re engaged. Clearly, they are meant to be! Herbie surprised Marissa with one heck […]

Marissa & Herbie | Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve | New Hope, PA Engagement Photographer

November 29, 2018