Guys, this is my very first BTS post! I’m super excited to share what a wedding day looks like behind the scenes and in the shoes of a wedding photographer. Of course not every moment is captured of us working, walking through muddy water, getting bitten in the ear, screaming when there is a bee […]

Most brides (and grooms) go into planning their wedding not knowing much about weddings, or where to actually start in the planning process, and that’s okay! This is where my role as a wedding photographer and friend comes into play. Let’s start with cost. The average price for a professional wedding photographer with years of experience […]

Last year around this time I blogged about some helpful tips to ensure beautiful photos on your wedding day. As wedding season soon approaches, and wedding plans are almost fully accomplished for some brides, I wanted to share some more helpful tips on ensuring BEAUTIFUL photos on your wedding day. These are just a few […]

Somebody pinch me! I could not believe my eyes when I pulled up to Bear Mill Estate for Hillary Muelleck’s October 8, 2016 wedding with Morgan + Jaron! Everything about this wedding was just breathtakingly beautiful! I love the charm and natural beauty this venue holds, and all of Morgan + Jaron’s details were gorgeous, especially […]

The last wedding for 2016 I shot was with Kelli Wyland Photography. I had so much fun with her last year (it feels weird saying LAST YEAR when it was only a few days ago)! Kelli’s December 10th wedding took place at Linwood Estate, a stunning wedding venue in Carlisle, PA. The historic mansion and […]

Shooting with Hillary Muelleck this year was so much fun! I definitely learned a lot from this talented, sweet girl, and I really hope that we can work together again soon! Her clients, Jessie & Kevin Moll, were so dear and so gorgeous! Their rainy wedding day at Lauxmont Farms was just beautiful. It pretty much […]

Yvonne + Chris were married this past Wednesday evening at their beautiful home in Lebanon. They recently had their backyard landscaped and added a really gorgeous waterfall feature. What a perfect backdrop for their ceremony! When I arrived to their home, I was blown away by all the RED! Everything looked GORGEOUS! That color – […]

I have another Hershey Country Club wedding under my belt thanks to Kelli Wyland Photography! I always enjoy working with her. She is so talented, sweet, and has such gorgeous clients! Meg + Adam were married on 7/9/16. Their day was a hot one, but so beautiful! They looked awesome. Their reception was one of […]

Katharine + Lee are one of those extremely gorgeous couples you see on TV who met on Match. She joined one Sunday evening, and one of her very first messages came from a middle school science teacher. That middle school science teacher’s name was Lee. At first she thought he seemed very interesting and liked that he had so many […]

Meeting other photographers from central PA (and beyond!) is just one of the many reasons why I’m so passionate about photography. Recently I responded to a request for a second shooter proposed by Cyndi of Klose Photography. She was looking for someone to help her shoot her wedding booked at the Hershey Country Club, a stunning […]