Guys, this is my very first BTS post! I’m super excited to share what a wedding day looks like behind the scenes and in the shoes of a wedding photographer. Of course not every moment is captured of us working, walking through muddy water, getting bitten in the ear, screaming when there is a bee in sight, etc. My team and I are busy focusing on my couple, their moments, and paying close attention to the sweet moments that happen throughout the wedding day.

Here are just a few photos that I found from a bunch of this year’s beautiful weddings. I actually started including a behind-the-scenes folder in my couple’s wedding galleries, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate looking back on and getting a kick out of.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through these photos and getting a feel for what a wedding photographer does! 2017-12-26_0001All right, guys! Let’s see your BEST pose. And, GO!!!2017-12-26_0002The cake always makes an appearance in our footage; not just because we want a bite of it. 2017-12-26_0003Heeeey, Tori! 2017-12-26_0004She’s such a wonderful second shooter/assistant! Holding my family portrait list and modeling at the same time. She’s one awesome multi-tasker!2017-12-26_0005Brandon and I were each other’s models. Haha!2017-12-26_0006Professional Dress Fluffer has been added to my resume. No joke!2017-12-26_0007Becky! I love this sweet friend of mine. She was helpful in so many ways!2017-12-26_0008Courtney’s flowers were so gorgeous! I, of course, had to get detail shots of those beauties. 2017-12-26_0009Starting out the day with Katie’s beautiful details. This is one of my most favorite parts of a wedding day! It sets the tone for the rest of the day, and from here, I can build onto my couple’s story.2017-12-26_0010Thank you to all of our couples who gave Brandon and I the opportunity to work together this year! We are so excited about becoming an official photo + video business. (Remember, we’ll be releasing our name and new look soon, so stay tuned!)2017-12-26_00112017-12-26_0012“No Katie, your piece is down here. That’s my piece!”2017-12-26_0013The wedding where I matched the bridesmaids perfectly! Ahh, a favorite.2017-12-26_0014Tori’s either getting ready to fluff Sara’s dress or looking for a bug. I sure hope not the latter!2017-12-26_0015Beautiful window light is where you’ll find me shooting details. 2017-12-26_0016Leeroy in the house! (Tori, too!)2017-12-26_0017Couples who want to do portraits in a rowboat out on the water are the BEST kind. (And don’t worry, I always wear shorts underneath my dresses.) 2017-12-26_0018Love this fun shot of Becky!2017-12-26_0019Getting ready for the cake cutting!2017-12-26_0020Goodness, Isobel’s details and getting ready space was a photographer’s dream!2017-12-26_0021Our friends from Modern Rebel & Co. and NST Pictures were awesome to work with!2017-12-26_00222017-12-26_00232017-12-26_00242017-12-26_0025Hi Marisa!2017-12-26_0026Here I come for the First Look! Oh, you wanted the bride instead? And, I promise I’m not giving Becky a dirty look. I was so worried about hurting Brittany while putting her veil back in. Eeek! LOL!2017-12-26_00272017-12-26_00282017-12-26_0029Poor posture, a crinkled nose, and double chin. That’s one heck of a pretty look on me!2017-12-26_00302017-12-26_0031My last wedding of the year, and it was absolutely FREEEEEZING, but beautiful! Brrrr.

I look forward to capturing more behind-the-scenes footage of 2018’s weddings! I can already picture what fun moments will be had. Get ready, TKP brides and grooms! 😉

2017 Behind the Scenes