Last year around this time I blogged about some helpful tips to ensure beautiful photos on your wedding day. As wedding season soon approaches, and wedding plans are almost fully accomplished for some brides, I wanted to share some more helpful tips on ensuring BEAUTIFUL photos on your wedding day. These are just a few tips that I include in my correspondence to TKP brides two months prior to their wedding day. This information will help any bride no matter what stage of planning they are in.

Enjoy! 🙂

Tip #1: Clean Your Ring
That pretty ring of yours deserves to shine it’s brightest! Cleaning your ring just before your wedding day will make a world of difference in your photos, I promise. Check with your jeweler to see which method of cleaning is safest for your diamond, and enjoy that SPARKLE! Kornhaus Wedding-19.jpg

Tip #2: Invest in a Pretty Hanger
Just like your ring deserves to shine it’s brightest, your beautiful wedding gown deserves to be displayed and hung on a pretty hanger! It can either be simple in design or be made out of wood and have your name created out of wire underneath the structural part of the hanger. If you can, spend that extra money and buy pretty hangers for your bridesmaids, too. The photos will make it worth the investment.Johnson Wedding-21.jpg

Tip #3: Book a Manicure
Who honestly doesn’t enjoy getting pampered? One way to relax before your wedding day is to book a manicure. You’ll leave the nail salon feeling so much better and ready for what’s to come. Plus, your nails will look great! Gardner Wedding-2.jpg

Tip #4: Add Lush Greens and Florals to your Centerpieces
Nowadays there are so many options for your table centerpieces; it’s almost overwhelming. Adding lush greenery and florals that go along with your color scheme will make the setting look so dreamy and romantic.Nalewak Wedding-49.jpg

Tip #5: Break in your Wedding Shoes
It’s so important to break in new shoes to help ease the discomfort that a new pair of shoes can cause! Spend some time walking around in your wedding shoes (on a clean surface, of course). You’ll be surprised at what this can do! After all, a comfortable bride is a photogenic bride. Gunderman Wedding-21.jpg

I would love to hear your love story and your plans for a perfect wedding day. Email me at to set up your complimentary consultation. I’m so excited to hear from you!

5 More Tips for Ensuring Beautiful Photos on Your Wedding Day | Tracey Krick Photography