Meeting other photographers from central PA (and beyond!) is just one of the many reasons why I’m so passionate about photography. Recently I responded to a request for a second shooter proposed by Cyndi of Klose Photography. She was looking for someone to help her shoot her wedding booked at the Hershey Country Club, a stunning venue with tons of opportunities for picturesque moments. It truly is an elegant location to hold your ceremony and reception.

The wedding took place on May 29th, and it was my first time ever second shooting. Was I nervous? Of course! I wanted to make sure I did the best job I could do for Cyndi and her clients. I have a few weddings I will be second shooting for another talented photographer I had the pleasure of connecting with (thanks to Cyndi!), so I’ll be excited to share those once the time comes!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to build my portfolio, to meet wonderful new people, and to work alongside extremely talented photographers! I definitely learned a few things by helping Cyndi, and I can’t wait to do it again soon!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from the Sanseverino wedding!2016-06-07_00042016-06-07_00062016-06-07_00072016-06-07_00082016-06-07_00092016-06-07_00102016-06-07_00112016-06-07_00122016-06-07_00032016-06-07_00132016-06-07_00142016-06-07_00162016-06-07_00172016-06-07_00182016-06-07_00192016-06-07_00232016-06-07_00242016-06-07_00322016-06-07_00202016-06-07_0035.jpg2016-06-08_00162016-06-07_00212016-06-07_00222016-06-07_00252016-06-07_00262016-06-07_00272016-06-07_00282016-06-07_00292016-06-07_00302016-06-07_00312016-06-07_00332016-06-07_0036.jpg2016-06-07_0037.jpg2016-06-07_00382016-06-07_00392016-06-08_0001.jpg2016-06-07_00342016-06-08_0002.jpg2016-06-08_00032016-06-08_00042016-06-08_0005.jpg2016-06-08_00062016-06-08_00072016-06-08_00092016-06-08_0010.jpg2016-06-08_00112016-06-08_00122016-06-08_00082016-06-08_0013.jpg2016-06-08_0015.jpg2016-06-08_0014.jpg

Hershey Country Club | A Klose Photography Wedding