Carlisle PA Wedding Photographer

Taken from their sweet wedding website: Michael and Carrie first met in the fall of 2014 at the first meeting of the sustainability and business club they were both a part of at Ohio State called Net Impact. Michael had an idea for a project and since Carrie was already a project leader in the club, she was assigned to […]

Carlisle PA Engagement Photographer

How Their Story Began Carrie & Michael met during her sophomore year and his junior year in college. They joined the same extracurricular group where she was assigned the project manager role. This lead to them talking and eventually going on their first date of apple-picking. Early on they both knew that they would be […]

Carlisle PA Wedding Photographer

Lydia & Andrew have been dating ever since they met in high school at the ages of 15 and 16. They are truly high school sweethearts! They dated for about 8 years before getting engaged. They finished high school together and went to different colleges, Lydia at Lock Haven and Andrew at Elizabethtown. They had a […]