PA Wedding Photographer

We look forward to a fun photography contest every year that allows us to submit 50 of our best images, and that contest is through Shoot & Share. We’ve entered for the last 4 years and have placed in the top 30, 20, and 10% and have even been a finalist. This year we entered […]

Remember when I posted about being a finalist in a photo contest I entered a couple weeks ago? Well, the results are in, and I am so excited to share how I did! Just a reminder that there were over 330,000 submissions from 105 different countries for 2017’s contest. That’s unbelievable!¬†Three of my photos actually […]

For the last couple years (I can’t remember if it has been 2 or 3), I’ve had so much fun entering 50 of my favorite images from throughout the year to Shoot and Share‘s photo contest! It’s so much fun entering your work for the entire world to see, voting, and then seeing your results […]