For the last couple years (I can’t remember if it has been 2 or 3), I’ve had so much fun entering 50 of my favorite images from throughout the year to Shoot and Share‘s photo contest! It’s so much fun entering your work for the entire world to see, voting, and then seeing your results when the contest comes to a close. This year I’ve had a bunch of emails telling me that someone LOVED one of my photos (THANK YOU!), so that was always such a great feeling when those emails came in. Since the contest is soon over, we will be able to see who favorited our images as well as viewing the results.

There were over 330,000 submissions from 105 different countries for 2017’s contest. That’s unbelievable! And, one or possibly more of my photos are in the top 3.5%! I’m still so speechless, but super grateful for this amazing opportunity to share my work.

If you’re a photographer and you have not yet entered this contest, I suggest that you mark your calendars for the end of next year because you will want to enter!

Congratulations to all of the finalists for this year’s contest! You all are amazing. shootandshare

Shoot and Share Contest Finalist | Tracey Krick Photography