Remember when I posted about being a finalist in a photo contest I entered a couple weeks ago? Well, the results are in, and I am so excited to share how I did! Just a reminder that there were over 330,000 submissions from 105 different countries for 2017’s contest. That’s unbelievable! Three of my photos actually ended up in the final round. AMAZING!

Here are the three photos, as well as a couple others that placed, and how I placed with each.Top 100This gorgeous shot (second shot for the amazingly talented Hillary Muelleck Photography) placed 93rd out of 35,527 photos. I look at that number and am seriously just in awe! And, can I just say how grateful I am for other photographers like Hillary for allowing me to share the work that I created for them during their beautiful weddings with the WORLD! It means so much to be able to do that. Thank you, Hillary! Finalist 2This is one of my favorite groom shots ever (also second shot for Hillary Muelleck Photography)! This placed 127th out of 3,037 photos.Finalist.jpgThis is by far one of my most favorite floral pieces of art that I have ever created. I submitted this in the personal work category, and it placed 516th out of 11,400 photos.Top 30.jpgThis gorgeous floral shot (bouquets done by the lovely Ever After Floral Design) wasn’t a finalist, but it placed in the top 30% – 2,001st out of 7,635 photos. Top 30 2.jpgThis beautiful cake photo (also second shot for Hillary Muelleck Photography) placed in the top 30% – 2,041st out of 7,635 photos.Top 30 3.jpgLove this shot of Sara + Andy! It also placed in the top 30% – 6,959th out of 32,282 photos.

There you have it, guys! I am so excited for what’s to come this year in my business, and I look forward to sharing more of my work for 2018’s photo contest. If you’re a photographer and you have not yet entered, please check it out! It’s so much fun entering, voting, and then seeing your results. They even have tons of awesome prizes for the winners!

Shoot & Share Photo Contest | Tracey Krick Photography Results