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How Their Story BeganEven though they have hundreds of mutual friends, Lauren & Alex met online. They have been together since 2019 and are so excited for their wedding day. We met Lauren and her mom last August at The Booking House’s Open House. Alex wasn’t with at the time, so we were super excited […]

Harrisburg PA Engagement Photographer

How Their Story BeganBack in elementary school Marissa and Brady were each other’s crushes. So cute! They went to elementary school, middle school, and high school together. They each went their separate ways after high school, so their story picks back up after finishing college. They’ve been together for 3 years now and are the […]

Harrisburg PA Wedding Photographer

On Sunday, March 7th, we attended our 4th styled wedding shoot of 2021. Typically our busy schedules don’t allow that many in such a short amount of time, but with the start of 2021 still being full of uncertainty, we had the availability. The Sparks Collective, a group of 4 amazing photographer-friends hosted this styled […]

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A few years ago (is it going on 4 years?!) we met a sweet couple at a new church in Lebanon, our old hometown (hey Lifeway family!). They were so welcoming and our kids grew to adore them. You can say the same for us, too. Thanks to Jon, Brandon became involved in the video […]

Harrisburg, PA Wedding Photographer

Amanda & Steve met while getting their MBA degrees. Amanda is Brazilian and moved to the US to get a MBA from Penn State University. Steve was starting the second year of the program when she joined, and they hit it off right away. They spent most of the first Penn State tailgate and the […]

They are a lot alike in some aspects with being compassionate, giving, loving to cook (and eat!), having a great sense of humor, etc., but they are very different in other aspects. Jen likes normalcy and following rules, and always likes to have a plan and be prepared. Greg is more free spirited and likes […]

Tons of companies pay A LOT of money to market their business. Since practically the beginning of starting my business, I’ve relied solely upon word-of-mouth. It’s a very simple marketing strategy and is priceless in more ways than one, and I still rely on it. I truly am dedicated to giving each and every client a wonderful experience. I […]



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