How Their Story Began
Kaitlyn & Drew met at work and often joke that they have the most unromantic story. At the time, they were both working as dispatchers for York County 911. Apparently, Drew had told pretty much everyone at work about how he liked her… except for her. They casually texted, but it was nothing serious. Kaitlyn left to take another job not expecting it to be a lasting friendship. A few weeks after leaving, Drew asked her to meet him out for drinks, so she went and he told her how he felt that night. They’ve been together ever since!

For the majority of their relationship, they’ve actually worked opposite schedules. They lived about 30 minutes apart at the beginning of their relationship, so they’d sometimes not see each other for a week or two at a time. After about a year, they decided to moved in together. Even though their work schedules were still opposite, they could at least get an hour or two together everyday.

They really cemented the seriousness of their relationship when they got their dog, Gunner. He’s a 2 year old Goldendoodle and they’ve been obsessed since the day they brought him home. After 2 years together, they purchased their first home. They’ve been in their home about 2 years now and have had fun doing lots of projects to fix it up.

The Proposal
Drew planned a trip to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Coincidentally, it also happened to be Kaitlyn’s birthday, so everything worked out nicely for him. He had planned to keep the entire thing a secret, but cracked and told her that they were going on a trip for her birthday. She thought this might be it because they never make birthdays a big deal, but in the weeks leading up to the trip he wasn’t acting suspicious enough. By the time they left, she had completely convinced herself that it wasn’t happening and she was actually pretty upset. They were walking around the festival and Drew was talking non-stop. Her back was towards him and she’s only half listening when she hears, “I really wish the dog was here.” He’s still rambling and she then hears, “Maybe we could get married sometime.” She’s thinking to herself, “How did he get from the dog to marriage?” So she replies, “Yeah, maybe.” Her back is still towards him and she realizes he has stopped talking finally, so she turned around to make sure he was still near. He was on his knee nervously laughing since she hadn’t been paying attention. LOL!

The Wedding
Kaitlyn & Drew will be holding their ceremony and reception at the Cork Factory Hotel in Lancaster, PA on December 6th, 2019. They are so looking forward to finally being married, their first look, and just having all of their friends and families together to celebrate their union.

Their engagement session was an absolute blast! We had so much fun getting to know more about each other, and can we just take a minute to brag about their outfits? So dreamy!

Congratulations again, Kaitlyn & Drew! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day! We can’t wait to see you again later this year.

Kaitlyn & Drew | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer