They went to high school together, but never actually spoke to each other until mutual friends of theirs set them up.

Karley & Eryan have been together for over two and a half years and when they first started dating, they enjoyed going to the gym together and going out with their friends. Now they love hanging out at home, spending time with each other and their fur-babies, Nixon and Nautika.

Over Thanksgiving break, they went on vacation to beautiful Key West. Eryan grew up vacationing there, so it was a very special place to him and his family. Eryan’s family was also along for the trip over Thanksgiving. On the third night of their vacation, Eryan wanted to go out to dinner, just he and Karley. So, they went out, and after finishing their dinner, Eryan told Karley he had to go out to his truck to get Advil before their plans of walking around downtown. She didn’t really want to walk because of how much walking they did earlier in the day; she was exhausted! Karley says that after about three failed attempts of Eryan trying to propose to her, he finally just stopped and asked her to marry him. They were surrounded by boats down on the dock, which sounds like such a romantic backdrop. Key West will now hold a special place in Karley’s heart!

Karley loves how hard of a worker Eryan is. She says that he is always working to make sure they have the best possible life together. She also loves how he pushes her to grow. When she feels like giving up, he tells her that she needs to keep pushing through and the outcome will be so worth it. He is her number one supporter and will do anything for her to make her dreams come true!

Eryan also loves how supportive and caring Karley is to him. He says she is the strongest, hardest working, most stubborn go-getter he’s ever met. He also loves how good she is to their pups.

Karley & Eryan are planning a beautiful rustic wedding at Wind in the Willows in Grantville, PA on September 29, 2018. They’re looking forward to celebrating with their friends and families, getting ready and seeing all of their hard work of all the planning come together, and just having a day about them starting a new chapter in their lives as husband and wife. (Eryan also says he is looking forward to Karley NOT smashing cake in his face. Haha!)

Congratulations, you two! We are so honored to be a part of your special day. Thank you for trusting in us to photograph your wedding!

Karley & Eryan | Conrad Weiser Homestead | Womelsdorf, PA Engagement Photographer

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