Daniela + Eric met through mutual friends back in 2004. There was an immediate connection; however, the timing wasn’t quite right. Life went on, and a decade later, Daniela wanted to seek out Eric to see if that connection was still there. On May 18, 2014 they met again. As if no time had passed, they immediately rekindled their love, leaving together, hand-in-hand, and becoming inseparable.

They had discussed marriage and even looked at rings together, so it was very clear that a proposal would be coming soon! Daniela thought maybe on their summer vacation, or possibly a holiday. Christmas of 2015 came, presents were unwrapped, but NO RING. Daniela, a little disappointed, thought to herself, “New Year’s is right around the corner, that must be when he’ll do it!”

Later on Christmas morning, Eric offered to run to Starbucks. When he returned he had a much smaller coffee than expected. (He filled a small empty coffee cup with her ring.) As she grabbed the coffee, she noticed it wasn’t the same and looked inside to find what she had been waiting for! A RING! He DID propose on Christmas!

Daniela and Eric will be getting married at Kennedy Family Farms on September 30th, 2017. Daniela’s adorable son and daughter will be a special part of their day, which is so sweet! Eric, you are blessed with an immediate family!

I am so excited to capture their day and to celebrate their love! Thank you guys so much for having me. I’ll see you so soon! <32017-08-09_00012017-08-09_00022017-08-09_00032017-08-09_00042017-08-09_00052017-08-09_00062017-08-09_00072017-08-09_00082017-08-09_00092017-08-09_00102017-08-09_00112017-08-09_00122017-08-09_0013FAVORITE!2017-08-09_00142017-08-09_00152017-08-09_00162017-08-09_00172017-08-09_00182017-08-09_00192017-08-09_00202017-08-09_00212017-08-09_00222017-08-09_0023

Daniela + Eric | Willow Park | Camp Hill, PA Engagement Photographer