When I initially found out about Jess + Vince meeting and starting to hang out, I thought it was the sweetest thing! I had this overwhelming feeling of excitement for both of them, and was just so happy. Soon after that, I found out that they had become “official.” Can you imagine how I felt at this moment?! Beyond elated.

I really feel like I’ve gotten to know Jess through her amazing sister, Lisa. Which leads me to introduce you to this dear friend of mine. I asked Lisa to be my guest writer for this very special blog post. She’s going to tell you about Jess + Vince’s amazing story. (Thank you so much for doing this, Lisa! You’re a blessing to so many.)

Jessica and Vince had instant chemistry when they met through church in 2016! She was immediately attracted to the flannel clad, bearded guitar player in the worship band, and he was drawn to the adorable, petite brunette who reached out to him through Facebook. 

Their relationship was such a perfect fit from day one! After boldly asking Vince to spend their first “date” with her entire family at their annual Holiday parade party, and seeing how seamlessly he fit in, she knew he was a keeper! Their relationship got serious very quickly, as they both were looking for a lifetime partner, and their openness and transparency with each other led them to deep and serious talks about the future.  Unfortunately for Jessica, the future was very much unknown…

Jessica is a 22 year old from Richland, who loves to watch funny movies, get creative with makeup and nail polish, and has an incredible voice. She is an introvert who treasures close friends and whose smile lights up the room! She’s also battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver. 

Vince is a 27 year old from Ephrata, who works in HVAC, loves to talk, play video games and is pretty great on the bass guitar. He values deep conversations with friends and has a heart for service! 

Vince knew from the start that it would not be an easy road ahead if he pursued Jessica, but he went ahead at full-speed, with an open heart and a dream of a future together! Jessica received one bad result after another, but as her health remained unclear, her heart remained full and hopeful that she would share her life with the one she now loved!

In February, Jessica, Vince and myself traveled to Hawaii for the trip of a lifetime! Even though it had only been a few months, they knew they were meant to be, and right before sunset on a beautiful night at sea, Vince got down on one knee and made Jessica’s dream come true!

Jessica and Vince will tie the knot on June 3, 2017 at the Willow Springs Park in Richland, and will begin a life together! They are anxious to say “I do”, and their families are so happy they found each other! Even though they don’t know what the future holds, they know that they will be holding each other, and that is all they need!

Thank you, Jess + Vince, for such a fun session! You guys are the most adorable couple, and I’m so glad to call you my friends. I look forward to watching your love grow!

Friends, please keep Jess, Vince, and their families in your prayers. Our God is amazing and has performed some of the most miraculous healings in the history of the Bible as well as today. Have faith. Keep praying. And, most importantly, keep loving. ♥2017-04-04_00012017-04-04_00022017-04-04_00032017-04-04_00042017-04-04_00052017-04-04_00062017-04-04_00072017-04-04_00082017-04-04_00092017-04-04_00102017-04-04_00112017-04-04_00122017-04-04_00132017-04-04_00142017-04-04_00152017-04-04_00162017-04-04_00172017-04-04_00182017-04-04_00192017-04-04_00202017-04-04_00212017-04-04_00222017-04-04_00232017-04-04_00242017-04-04_00252017-04-04_00262017-04-04_00272017-04-04_00282017-04-04_00292017-04-04_00302017-04-04_00312017-04-04_00322017-04-04_00332017-04-04_00342017-04-04_00352017-04-04_00362017-04-04_00372017-04-04_00382017-04-04_00392017-04-04_00402017-04-04_00412017-04-04_00422017-04-04_00432017-04-04_00442017-04-04_00452017-04-04_00462017-04-04_00472017-04-04_00482017-04-04_00492017-04-04_00502017-04-04_00512017-04-04_0052A very special thank you to Pam at Wind in the Willows for letting us use the gorgeous property!

Jess + Vince | Wind in the Willows | Grantville, PA Engagement Photographer