Like a lot of couples these days (myself included), Jen + Greg met online. Jen wasn’t really thinking she would actually meet someone by joining an online dating site, but she saw Greg’s profile and they started texting each other, which eventually lead to talking on the phone. They had their first date a year ago, and the rest is history!

When they met, Greg was living in Allentown, and Jen in Lebanon. So, they only saw each other once a week. He eventually moved closer to the area, and now they see each other multiple times each week.

Jen and Greg are very much alike in some aspects (compassionate, giving, putting others before themselves, funny, etc.), but very different in other aspects. Jen likes normalcy and rules/regulations whereas Greg is more free spirited. Jen likes to have a plan, but Greg generally likes to fly by the seat of his pants. They both love wine and snuggling up on the couch with each other while watching a movie or talking. And, they both like food!

Their proposal story is so sweet. Jen tells me that she thinks they both knew after the 3rd or 4th date that they had met “the one.” They talked about it after a few months, but Jen wasn’t comfortable getting engaged until they had been dating at least 6 months. They had discussed a proposal…he knew that she doesn’t like attention being drawn to herself and that she embarrasses easily. He also knew that she didn’t want to be proposed to in a public setting because of those things. She took Greg out for a pre-birthday celebration in Allentown on November 12th. They went to dinner and then had tickets for the Straight No Chaser concert. Greg had just gotten back from Disney World and at dinner, he gave her a bracelet that he bought there. He then reached across the table and held her hand and started saying really sweet things. Jen can’t remember exactly what those things were because she was having an internal conversation with herself…“I feel like he’s going to propose…but he knows that I don’t want to be proposed to in public so there’s NO WAY he’s going to do that now…he must just be in a romantic mood.” Jen had completely talked herself out of the fact that he could be proposing, so when he passed a box across the table and told her to open it, she was completely surprised that it contained an engagement ring! He did not propose on one knee because he knew that would draw attention to them and that Jen would be uncomfortable. So, he got away with surprising her by having a private proposal in a public place…something she never anticipated happening. Needless to say, she was distracted during the rest of dinner and the first half of the concert calling and texting all of her family and friends.

Three things that Jen loves about Greg is that he is respectful of her entirely; her beliefs and everything else that matters, that he is affectionate, and that he asks for her opinion on things that she doesn’t expect (like whether or not she would be okay with him growing a full beard, or which scent of beard oil she prefers). Greg told me what he loves about Jen in person when we initially met. Let’s just say he loves everything about her. 😉 In their free time, they love to watch movies and spend time with family and friends. One of their favorite memories from when they were dating was the first time they kissed. Aww!

Jen and Greg are really looking forward to sharing their special day with all of their friends and family, and all of the special moments that will take place, including the music at the ceremony.

I am so honored to share in their special day, and I can’t wait until November 17th when they officially become husband + wife! Thank you guys so much for this wonderful opportunity to serve you! Xoxo!2017-03-23_00012017-03-23_00022017-03-23_00032017-03-23_00042017-03-23_00052017-03-23_00062017-03-23_00072017-03-23_00082017-03-23_00092017-03-23_00102017-03-23_00112017-03-23_00122017-03-23_00132017-03-23_00142017-03-23_00152017-03-23_00162017-03-23_00172017-03-23_00182017-03-23_00192017-03-23_00202017-03-23_00212017-03-23_00222017-03-23_00232017-03-23_00242017-03-23_00252017-03-23_00262017-03-23_00272017-03-23_00282017-03-23_00292017-03-23_0030Jen + Greg’s engagement session took place at Brasenhill Mansion, a stunning venue in Lebanon.

Jen + Greg | Brasenhill Mansion | Lebanon, PA Engagement Photographer