2016-10-12_0018They met through mutual friends of theirs on their very first night of college. It took some time, but eventually Geoff convinced Isobel to go out on a date with him about two weeks later.

Isobel and Geoff dated all throughout college where they got to know one another a lot more, and even met one of their best friends who will have the honor of marrying them. They will be getting married on September 9, 2017 at the Boathouse at Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Geoff’s proposal to Isobel was very thought out and so romantic! She was visiting her parents back in Brooklyn while Geoff bought her ring about 45 minutes north near his hometown. Since he was in the area, they decided that he would pick her up and drive back to Rochester (where they currently live) together. Little did Isobel know that Geoff had made plans with her family and friends for the proposal! When they got to their destination, Geoff suggested going to a restaurant on the east river for a drink and to spend some time in Isobel’s home city. She had noticed that he was acting a little strange as they took the ferry down river to the location, but thankfully that diamond ring she was about to get was hidden very well, so she couldn’t see any box in Geoff’s pockets. Once they arrived at the Carousel under the Williamsburg Bridge, Geoff knew he had to kill time until Isobel’s brother alerted him that he was in position to take photos and start recording the video. Stammering nervously, Geoff came up with some interesting things to talk about. Then, he saw Isobel’s brother get in position and he was finally able to ask her to marry him.¬†After the proposal, they walked about two blocks to a restaurant where her parents were waiting at a table, much to her surprise. How sweet is that?! <3

Three things Isobel loves about Geoff is his kindness, how he strives to make everyone happy, and how incredibly smart and patient he is. Three things Geoff loves about Isobel is how caring she is, how she isn’t afraid to be silly or weird, which is great for him because he says he is just as weird, and her infectious smiles. No matter what Geoff’s mood is, all he has to do is look at Isobel’s smile, and he smiles right back!

In their free time, they love to explore Rochester and try new restaurants and go to festivals. They also love spending time with their friends and enjoy a simple night in every now and then that includes watching a movie and eating popcorn.

One of their favorite memories from when they were dating was their very first solo vacation together. They went to the Dominican Republic to an amazing resort. They spent a week hanging out at the pool, going to the beach, and doing other fun activities. They met great friends there and had a blast!

Isobel and Geoff are really looking forward to sharing their special day with friends and family near and far. They also can’t wait to hear the speeches from others and that their best friend is marrying them.

I am thrilled to share in your special day, Isobel and Geoff! You are such a beautiful couple, and I am just so excited to be documenting your day for you. I also can’t wait to see you and your sweet families again! Thank you both so very much!2016-10-12_0001Grand Central Station was so much fun! We shot here in the very beginning because it was pouring down rain. Our original plan was to shoot at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, but hey, I’m so thankful we made it outside at all! Anyway, if you’re in New York, check out Grand Central’s “whisper wall.” SO NEAT!2016-10-12_00022016-10-12_00032016-10-12_00042016-10-12_00052016-10-12_00062016-10-12_00072016-10-12_00082016-10-12_00092016-10-12_00102016-10-12_00112016-10-12_00122016-10-12_00132016-10-12_00142016-10-12_00152016-10-12_00162016-10-12_00172016-10-12_00192016-10-12_00202016-10-12_00212016-10-12_00222016-10-12_00232016-10-12_00242016-10-12_00252016-10-12_00262016-10-12_00272016-10-12_00282016-10-12_00292016-10-12_00302016-10-12_00312016-10-12_0032

Isobel + Geoff | New York, NY Engagement Photographer