On my drive to meet Angie back in February, I got rear-ended. I thought “Great, what an awesome start to meeting her!” Thankfully it was only a minor accident, and sweet Angie sat patiently waiting for me at our meeting spot. When I got there, she was so nice and we connected immediately! Zach couldn’t make the meeting since he wasn’t feeling well, but since I got along so well with Angie, I wasn’t worried that I didn’t get to meet him.

I met Zach at the engagement session last week. He was super friendly and loved talking to my hubby (I brought him and the kids with)! My kids loved meeting their doggies, Gracie and Hunter. I can tell that Angie and Zach have a lot in common (they love to hunt!), and they make one adorable couple! They took us to a really neat spot with a fantastic view and lots of pretty wild flowers and butterflies. I’m glad the van made it up the mountain. Haha!

I’m excited to work with Angie and Zach again, and to be a part of their wedding in just 7 weeks!

Also, I have to give a shout-out to Angie for doing a fabulous job on my hair this past Tuesday. I’m totally coming back to her! 😉Hunter tilts his head to the side when you say ‘deer.’ How cute!

Angie + Zach | Engagement Photographer in Fort Indiantown Gap, PA