Sean is an old friend of mine from back in the day, and I got to meet his adorable wife when they were expecting their first baby boy. Then I was lucky enough to meet Matthew when he was born. Fast forward a year later, and I’m doing his FIRST YEAR session. Slow down, time! […]

I was glad to finally have met Jessica after talking with her over the phone and email for a while. Her son Aedyn is so handsome, I couldn’t stand it! His outfit, his curls, his eye lashes – oh my! It’s obvious who Aedyn gets his good looks from; his momma! Aedyn loves taking pictures, […]

On Monday I got to hang out with Allison and her adorable kiddos, Lauren and Chase. Allison wanted to do the session at her great aunt’s house, and what a good idea that was! Her aunt’s property was filled with tons of neat flowers; they were all so pretty and made for an excellent backdrop! […]