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Jessica & James have been together for 8 years, married for 6, and have an extremely handsome son together whose name is Aedyn. Seriously, he should be a little model! Every time the couple would plan a wedding, James would end up getting deployed (thank you for your service!), causing them to wait over and […]

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Hey, Friends! Have you heard about our NEW Referral Program?! If you haven’t heard the details yet, then you’ll want to keep reading. ANYONE (yes, anyone!) can take advantage of this program. You don’t even have to be a Soul Focus client to reap the benefits! ūüėČ The details:¬†For every booked (fully secured) wedding you […]

Guys, this is my very first BTS post! I’m super excited to share what a wedding day looks like behind the scenes and in the shoes of a wedding photographer. Of course not every moment is captured of us working, walking through muddy water, getting bitten in the ear, screaming when there is a bee […]

Anna and Ian met at the end of summer in 2014.¬†They both were undergoing big life changes and were not actively looking for companionship. At the time, Ian was extremely busy traveling out of state with his electrical contracting company, and Anna had recently moved to the area, started a new job and was meeting […]

If you’re worrying about your guy acting grumpy or not looking forward to¬†your engagement session or photos at your wedding, you’re not alone. This is a completely normal feeling. It’s pretty typical of¬†men to NOT want to have their picture taken. (Am I right, guys?!)¬†So, please stop worrying because I have some GREAT news for […]

I am beyond EXCITED to announce my BIGGEST GIVEAWAY,¬†EVER!!! Since starting my business almost 5 years ago, I’ve donated my time and talent to lots of deserving families and couples in the way of a small portrait session. This February 5th, TKP will be in business for 5 years! I can’t believe it. If you’ve […]

What are some thoughts going through your mind that you wish your photographer knew about? As a portrait and wedding photographer, I’m here to help make your engagement session and wedding relaxed, yet super fun and extremely¬†memorable! ¬†Read on to find out just how I do that… Thought #1: “I am not a model!” – […]

Katharine + Lee are one of those extremely gorgeous couples you see on TV who met on Match. She¬†joined one Sunday evening, and one of¬†her¬†very first messages came from a middle school science teacher. That middle school science teacher’s name was Lee.¬†At first she thought he seemed very interesting and¬†liked that he had so many […]