It’s not often that your ENTIRE family gets together and is dressed up in fancy gowns and sharp suits. Aside from the candids that we’ll be sure to capture throughout the day, we’ll also set aside time for family portraits. If you’re planning on doing a first look (where you and your soon-to-be hubby will see each other before your ceremony), then family portraits can be taken before your ceremony as well. If you’re not planning on doing a first look, then we’ll set aside time to take family portraits during cocktail hour or after your ceremony.

If you’re wondering how family portraits will work on your wedding day, then keep reading!

For family portraits, we’ll place you in the center of a large group photo with all of your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, godparents, etc. And then we’ll remove the extended family so it’s just grandparents, parents and siblings.

We’ll keep removing family members and switch a few closer family members in and out so we get photos of you and your parents, you and your siblings, some with the groom and your family, etc. Then we’ll repeat the process with your spouse’s family. The whole thing will go quicker and smoother if you let your families know how the portrait process will work ahead of time. It will also be super helpful to let all of your family members know what time family portraits will be at and where they will be done at. (We won’t wander too far from the venue site so that your elderly guests don’t have to walk too far.) Another helpful tip is to have a family member, or someone who is familiar with all of your family members, gather those needed during family portraits in case anyone wanders off.

When we send out our pre-wedding questionnaire, we’ll ask you for a list of specific groupings, special situations (such as divorces or handicapped family members & more), but if you want to start brainstorming photos in the meantime, you’ll find our typical list below.

• Bride + Groom + Bride’s Extended Family
• Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Bride’s Siblings + Bride’s Grandparents
• Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents + Bride’s Siblings
• Bride + Groom + Bride’s Parents
• Bride + Groom + Bride’s Siblings
• Bride + Mom
• Bride + Dad
• Bride + Groom + Groom’s Extended Family
• Bride + Groom + Groom’s  Parents + Groom’s  Siblings + Groom’s Grandparents
• Bride + Groom + Groom’s  Parents + Groom’s Siblings
• Bride + Groom + Groom’s  Parents
• Bride + Groom + Groom’s Siblings
• Groom + Mom
• Groom + Dad

Larger family photos and other special requests can be taken during the reception when there is more down-time.

We are SO excited to meet both of your wonderful families on your wedding day! If you have any questions about family portraits or anything at all, please don’t hesitate to call us or email us; 717-422-6857 or We are always here for you!Lancaster PA Wedding Photographer

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