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Hey Friends!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll now be offering two additional styles of editing! In addition to our signature edit (our current style and the way we have been editing for the last couple of years now) which will still be our favorite, we’ll be offering a classic edit and an earthy edit. The types of edits will be explained down below, because we’re certain you want to know the difference. They’re all so beautiful! We’re not biased or anything. 😉

We’ve given this tremendous thought over the last few months, and while we know it’s important to stay consistent and stick to our brand, we would love to reach all types of clients with different tastes and styles by offering more than one style of editing. Honestly, we love the various artistic approaches we take to create beautiful art. We also love the clean look. We’re just tired of limiting ourselves!

When you inquire with us regarding portraits or wedding photography, we’ll be sure to ask which style of editing you prefer. Once you choose your style, we’ll edit your portraits and wedding photos in that style. To be fair and stay consistent, only one editing style will be used per client.

SOOC – Straight Out Of Camera: This is pretty self-explanatory, but this is the RAW file; the photo that has absolutely no edits done to it. It comes straight out of our cameras!

SFM Classic Edit: This type of edit is clean, simple, and bright. It’s true to what the eye would see in reality. This is truly a timeless look and will never go out of style!

SFM Earthy Edit: This type of edit is rich & warm with creamy skin tones. Another fave!

SFM Signature Edit: This type of edit is what we’re known for. It’s bright, colorful, film-like, and just plain dreamy!

Here are the images edited using all three styles. Tell us which one your favorite is and head on over to Instagram for a chance to earn a discounted session, or even better, a free mini portrait session! We would love to hear from all you beautiful families, stylish high school seniors, and gorgeous couples planning your 2019 wedding! We still have a few dates available for next year and are booking into early 2020 (for weddings). Let’s connect! We’ll meet you for a cup of coffee (or tea) & donuts.

We’re Brandon and Tracey Krick, and we’re a photography & cinematography team based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania serving all of PA and destinations worldwide.

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