No bride wants to think about this on her wedding day, but almost every bride does… RAIN! Some of the most beautiful photos can be taken on a rainy wedding day. Trust us!

Almost 10 years ago when we got married, it rained the morning of our wedding. Although we don’t have any pretty rainy wedding day portraits from our day to share with you, we can share our experience of documenting weddings in the rain.

We must say, we’ve learned to be prepared! Even if there is a 30% chance of rain on your wedding day, we will make sure we have umbrellas and other useful items to keep us dry and protected. Here are some helpful tips in order to prepare you for a rainy wedding day.

We will have a couple of clear umbrellas for you and your groom, and sometimes your venue may even have a few umbrellas to cover your bridal party. If the forecast calls for lots of rain, be sure to buy a few clear umbrellas. These can be found at Target.

We realize that’s easier said than done, but we can’t control mother nature, so we might as well make the best out of the situation and be HAPPY! If we are prepared as we possibly can be, there is no need to stress or worry about the rain. Your photos will still be BEAUTIFUL!

If your venue has lots of natural light coming through the windows, we can most likely stay inside for most of the portraits. However, if there is a covered porch or even a parking garage close by, we will use that location and stay outdoors.

If rain is going to be a part of your wedding day, it will be a part of your STORY. Allow us to get creative and trust in us to make the calls.2018-01-24_0001.jpg 2018-01-24_0004.jpg2018-01-24_0003.jpgIf it does rain on your wedding day, maybe you can do what Courtney & Jared did. They waited through the storm and eventually it cleared up and was sunny & gorgeous!2018-01-24_0005.jpgWe hope these tips will put you at ease if there is rain in the forecast for your wedding day.

Getting married in 2018 or 2019? Let’s chat. Coffee & donuts are on us! We can’t wait to hear all about your love story and what your dream wedding looks like!

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How to Prepare for Rain on Your Wedding Day | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer & Cinematographer