The Wright family is seriously so adorable, and those boys! Do I even need to say how CUTE they are?! I can’t believe how much they’ve grown since I saw them almost two years ago.

The boys did such an outstanding job during their little session; I was so impressed! They took my directions with ease and were such a breeze. I’d like to think it was because they liked me and that it wasn’t the ICE CREAM that they would soon be treated to. LOL!

Thanks again, Wright family! I always love working with you. ♥2017-11-01_00012017-11-01_00022017-11-01_00032017-11-01_00042017-11-01_00052017-11-01_00062017-11-01_00072017-11-01_00082017-11-01_00092017-11-01_00102017-11-01_00112017-11-01_00122017-11-01_00132017-11-01_00142017-11-01_00152017-11-01_00162017-11-01_00172017-11-01_00182017-11-01_00192017-11-01_0020

The Wrights | Brasenhill Mansion | Family Photographer in Lebanon, PA