Representing TKP has it’s perks, let me tell ya! And, if you don’t believe me, just ask Jenna! She was one of my 2016-2017 high school senior reps, and I just love her! She has won a few sessions from me just because of the amount of booked referrals she brought along my way. How awesome of her! I’m so grateful.

She won a best friends session after graduation (I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL!), so she brought her boyfriend, Kody, and her two BFF’s, Amber and Megan.

They thought of an awesome theme; AMERICA! They looked the part, that’s for sure!

Thank you guys so much for coming out and having a little photo shoot! You guys rock! Best of luck to you as your start your college careers next month. 🙂2017-07-14_00252017-07-14_00262017-07-14_00272017-07-14_00282017-07-14_00292017-07-14_00302017-07-14_00312017-07-14_00322017-07-14_00332017-07-14_00342017-07-14_00352017-07-14_00362017-07-14_00372017-07-14_00382017-07-14_00392017-07-14_00402017-07-14_00412017-07-14_00422017-07-14_00432017-07-14_00442017-07-14_00452017-07-14_0046

Jenna, Kody, Amber, and Megan | Best Friends | Lebanon, PA High School Senior Photographer