My team of seniors this year grew; I love it! Working with high school seniors is seriously so much fun. I love their style, the hair & make-up aspect, and just pretending to be models for the day. It brings me back to my very own senior session 5 years ago. (Okay, so it’s a little more than 5 years ago, but whatevs.)

This past Saturday was Senior Rep Fun Day! I had a whole afternoon planned with yummy snacks, little gifts, make-up by Gracie, and just a really cool atmosphere. Well, the location changed just a little bit, but that’s totally okay! My girls rolled with it and were so easy-going! I can’t thank them enough for such a wonderful day!

Girls, I am so looking forward to this week’s BFF mini’s! I can’t wait to work with you again and to meet your bestie! Hugs to you all!2017-05-01_00262017-05-01_0027Gracie is only a sophomore, but she’s full of just so much talent!2017-05-01_00282017-05-01_00292017-05-01_00302017-05-01_00312017-05-01_00322017-05-01_00332017-05-01_00342017-05-01_00352017-05-01_00362017-05-01_00372017-05-01_0038The girls, just eating the best donuts ever.2017-05-01_00392017-05-01_00402017-05-01_00412017-05-01_00422017-05-01_00432017-05-01_00442017-05-01_00452017-05-01_00462017-05-01_00472017-05-01_00482017-05-01_00492017-05-01_00502017-05-01_0051Thank you, Gracie, for snapping this quick shot of us all together!2017-05-01_0052I can’t wait to share more of these girls with you! They’ll soon be gracing the TKP website, so look out for more pretty photos and fun facts about them!

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