The sweetest proposal took place this past Friday at the 1777 Americana Inn Bed & Breakfast. Although it was freezing cold that evening, it was such a pleasure to be a part of CJ + Emily’s proposal.

While we waited for the couple to come back from dinner, Amanda with DeVine Destinations and her mom set up the pergola outside of their room, and decorated inside as well. They worked so hard, and it was evident how much CJ’s family (and the newly engaged couple) appreciated what they did.

It was so neat to experience a proposal behind-the-scenes and the moment of! When they came back, I was hiding behind a tree by the fire pit, and CJ and Emily came running over to the fire pit (I’m assuming they were cold), and I thought for sure that they saw me. LOL! Then they ran back to the pergola, and that’s when Emily saw the adorable set-up and CJ got down on one knee. SHE SAID YES! CJ’s family was waiting inside the brewery for them to celebrate this exciting moment.

Thank you, Kim, Amanda, Beth, and Denise! I absolutely loved working with you all! 2017-03-07_00122017-03-07_00132017-03-07_00142017-03-07_00152017-03-07_00162017-03-07_00172017-03-07_00182017-03-07_00192017-03-07_00202017-03-07_00212017-03-07_00222017-03-07_00232017-03-07_00242017-03-07_00252017-03-07_00262017-03-07_0027

Emily + CJ | 1777 Americana Inn Bed & Breakfast | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer