If you’re worrying about your guy acting grumpy or not looking forward to your engagement session or photos at your wedding, you’re not alone. This is a completely normal feeling. It’s pretty typical of men to NOT want to have their picture taken. (Am I right, guys?!) So, please stop worrying because I have some GREAT news for you!

I am constantly surprising my couples by discovering their hidden modeling skills and my most common response by TK Grooms is “Wow. That wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought! It was actually really enjoyable!” YES! My mission is totally accomplished! When the groom says that taking pictures was FUN, I can pat myself on the back because I have done my job well! Your engagement session is supposed to be fun and memorable; not uncomfortable or awkward. As you prepare for your session, here are a few things you can do to help your groom know what to expect.

First of all, I highly recommend sitting down with your guy and showing him the TKP blog. Pick a few of your favorite engagement sessions I have photographed. Write down what you liked about these sessions. As you spend some time together scrolling through blog posts, this will allow him to gauge what his expectations should be. I also recommend that you allow for plenty of time to get to your shoot! Pick out your outfits the week before and give yourselves more than enough time to get ready. There is nothing worse than when a couple shows up late and they have been arguing in the car for the last half hour! That is definitely going to put your groom in a bad mood. Last but not least, remember to have patience with him and don’t assume that he’s not going to have a good time. I think you’ll be very surprised how much you’ll both enjoy your session with me!

You can be sure that your groom will then have fun at your wedding. We’ll be spending LOTS of time together on that very special day, and the engagement session allows us to get to know each other better. It also gives you plenty of practice in front of the camera. You’ll be pros by the time your wedding rolls around! 😉2017-01-27_0001

Tips for Preparing Your Groom | Tracey Krick Photography