2016-11-29_0002I met Stacey and Steve last fall when I photographed them together, and they were the absolute cutest! They were such a pleasure to work with, and were up for any poses I directed them into. I can say the same for their maternity session this past weekend. Stacey is 25 weeks pregnant, and she was totally cool with walking around the entire property of Cornwall Iron Furnace (which, by the way, is a really pretty location!), walking up steps, etc. She’s awesome!

This dear couple has given me a lot of business, and I’m so thankful for them and all that they’ve done for me! I will be so excited to work with them again next year at Steve’s sister Sara’s wedding (I love Sara, too!).

Congratulations, Stacey + Steve! I am so happy for you! Kaylee is going to have such amazing parents and will be loved by so many wonderful people. <32016-11-29_00012016-11-29_00032016-11-29_00042016-11-29_00052016-11-29_00062016-11-29_00072016-11-29_00082016-11-29_00092016-11-29_00102016-11-29_00112016-11-29_00122016-11-29_00132016-11-29_00142016-11-29_00152016-11-29_00162016-11-29_0017This was Stacey’s tiny outfit when she was born very early. 2016-11-29_0018Kaylee already has an adorable pair of shoes waiting for her! 2016-11-29_00192016-11-29_0020Just gorgeous!2016-11-29_0021

Stacey + Steve | Maternity Photographer in Cornwall, PA