2016-11-22_0001.jpgI whole-heartedly believe that you should get to know and like your wedding photographer. After all, you will be spending most of your wedding day with them.

I want you to get to know me just as much as I want to get to know you. Read on to find out more about me, my likes, my dislikes, and lots of other interesting things!


  1. I have a handsome husband named Brandon, and three kiddos named Briana, Kipton, and Sophie. They’re pretty cute, too.
  2. I am a twin. My sister’s name is Stacey. Stacey and Tracey. This was my dad’s idea. LOL!
  3. My twin is 1 minute OLDER than I am. Just so you know.
  4. Growing up, my friends called me Curly Fry. I have curly hair and my maiden name is Tracey Fry. Clever, right?
  5. I used to hide pop-tarts under my bed when I was little. You know, for a midnight snack.
  6. I’m pretty sure I have what’s called Misophonia. Every little sound, chomp, chew, or jaw-cracking munch irritates me to no end! (I’m really not mean, I promise.)
  7. I like things neat and orderly in kind of an obsessive way. I guess I probably have OCD, too.
  8. My handwriting is often described as the look of typewriting.
  9. My family and I just had our fall family portraits taken by another photographer for the first time EVER, this fall. I’ve always just done my own, but that is not happening ever again. It was so enjoyable having someone else take them for us! (You’ll see a few photos from our session down below.)
  10. When I started photography, I tried shooting anything and everything. I gradually found that my true passion is working with couples and photographing weddings.


  1. I LOVE God! I’m so thankful for Him and all that He has done for us.
  2. Traveling! My favorite places are Tennessee, Hilton Head Island, and any beach!
  3. Comfort food! My favorites are mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese.
  4. Hiking! My family and I enjoy going to various parks to hike along the trails.
  5. Going to new places.
  6. Being pampered! Hint for Christmas gifts: I love getting massages, and getting my hair and nails done. 😉
  7. I love being crafty! I used to make and sell handmade wreaths.
  8. Hanging out with friends!
  9. Kohl’s cash!
  10. Country music!


  1. Spiders; the big, furry ones. Okay, any spider, really. I hate them all.
  2. Bees terrify me!
  3. Public speaking. It’s so scary!
  4. Most seafood. The extent of my enjoyment of seafood is haddock and shrimp. LOL!
  5. My parents living an hour and a half away from me.
  6. Cooking is just not my favorite thing to do, but when I’m successful with it, I don’t mind it as much. Haha!
  7. Cooking leads me to buying groceries. Although I do plan meals every week, which makes buying groceries much easier, just the thought of going shopping for food bores me.
  8. Coffee. I am a hot tea drinker. If I go without my tea in the morning, a nice headache is usually calling my name by the end of the day.2016-11-22_00032016-11-22_00022016-11-23_0001.jpg2016-11-23_00022016-11-23_00032016-11-23_00042016-11-23_00052016-11-23_00062016-11-23_00072016-11-23_00082016-11-23_0009Pretty family photos courtesy of Rebecca Shivers Photography

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving already, can you believe it? This year flew by so fast for me! I hope you all have a wonderful time eating lots of turkey and other yummy food, and spending the day with your loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving! <3

Fun Facts about Tracey Krick