2016-11-18_0001Courtney and Jared have both worked together at the Quentin Haus Family Restaurant; he as a cook and her as a waitress for almost 5 years. They did go to the same high school, but they actually met through work.

At the beginning of their relationship, they started off as really great friends and did a lot of things with other people that they worked with. At that time, Courtney had a boyfriend, but things weren’t going too well in her relationship. Jared just happened to be the shoulder for Courtney to lean on through the whole relationship. He would give her advice and she would in turn, give him dating advice.

Over the next few months, Courtney decided to break up with her boyfriend. She and Jared started to become best friends and began doing everything together. Jared says that he’s had feelings for her way before she even thought of him as more than a friend. Jared had to ask Courtney to be his girlfriend three times before she finally said YES. Aww. <3

When they finally become an official couple, they were at the beach and had their first real date at a Dunkin Donuts coffee shop.

They had planned a trip to visit their friends in Virginia Beach. Jared was planning to propose to Courtney there, but she ended up finding out (because she hates surprises), so he changed everything. One day out of the blue, they decided to take a day trip to the beach again, and not thinking anything of it, both Courtney’s parents went as well as her best friend, Katrina. While they were out on the beach getting pictures together, Jared and Courtney were taking silly ones and everyone was saying “Okay, now get together for a serious one!” During this time, Courtney felt Jared start to pull away and she was so confused, so she pulled him closer not even realizing he was fidgeting with his pocket the entire time. He pulled away again and got down on one knee, and Courtney was crying lots of happy tears! Courtney found out after the proposal happened that Katrina got the whole thing on video. Such a sweet memory to re-live over and over again!

Jared loves how family-oriented Courtney is, her contagious laugh, and her ability to accept his sense of humor. Courtney loves Jared’s willingness to help others, his ability to make anyone laugh, and his sense of adventure.

In their free time, they love to be spontaneous and take day trips, go to the movies (with a slushie in hand), eat ice cream, and they also really enjoy going to country music concerts when they get the chance.

They have so many amazing memories together; they couldn’t pick just one. Every adventure they’ve had together has been their favorite. They are so excited to spend the day with the people they love the most, watching two families become one, and knowing that they will officially be able to spend the rest of their lives together!

Congratulations, Courtney + Jared! I am so honored that you chose me to photograph your wedding day. I know it’s going to be so beautiful, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Jared is a volunteer firefighter at the Community Fire Company of Cornwall Borough. Thank you for your bravery, Jared, and thanks to the fire station for allowing us to use the property!2016-11-18_00022016-11-18_00032016-11-18_00042016-11-18_00052016-11-18_00062016-11-18_00072016-11-18_00082016-11-18_00092016-11-18_00102016-11-18_00112016-11-18_00122016-11-18_00132016-11-18_00142016-11-18_00152016-11-18_00162016-11-18_00172016-11-18_00182016-11-18_00192016-11-18_00202016-11-18_00212016-11-18_00222016-11-18_00232016-11-18_00242016-11-18_00252016-11-18_00262016-11-18_00272016-11-18_00282016-11-18_00292016-11-18_00302016-11-18_00312016-11-18_00322016-11-18_00332016-11-18_00342016-11-18_00352016-11-18_00362016-11-18_0037If only you knew what Jared whispered in her ear. Hahaha!2016-11-18_00382016-11-18_00392016-11-18_00402016-11-18_00412016-11-18_00422016-11-18_00432016-11-18_00442016-11-18_00452016-11-18_00462016-11-18_00472016-11-18_00482016-11-18_00492016-11-18_00502016-11-18_00512016-11-18_00522016-11-18_00542016-11-18_00552016-11-18_00562016-11-18_00572016-11-18_00582016-11-18_00592016-11-18_0060

Courtney + Jared | Cornwall Iron Furnace | Cornwall, PA Engagement Photographer