2016-11-17_0026After chatting with Becky over Facebook about exchanging family sessions for one another, we met a few weeks later, and did both of our sessions in the very same weekend! I photographed her family after a long, but fun day of meetings and engagement sessions, so it was nice to end my work day with a cute little family.

Becky is the owner and photographer of Rebecca Shivers Photography, and she is extremely talented! I love her work ethic and style. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to second shoot for one another for our upcoming 2017 weddings. That would be so much fun!

Becky, thank you so much for having me capture sweet memories for you, Josh, and Finn. I’m so glad to have met you; it was an absolute pleasure! I look forward to seeing the rest of my family photos, and I can’t wait to work with you again! <32016-11-17_00272016-11-17_00282016-11-17_00292016-11-17_00302016-11-17_00312016-11-17_00322016-11-17_00332016-11-17_00342016-11-17_00352016-11-17_00362016-11-17_00372016-11-17_00382016-11-17_00392016-11-17_00402016-11-17_00412016-11-17_00422016-11-17_00432016-11-17_00442016-11-17_00452016-11-17_00462016-11-17_00472016-11-17_00482016-11-17_00492016-11-17_00502016-11-17_00512016-11-17_00522016-11-17_00532016-11-17_00542016-11-17_00552016-11-17_00562016-11-17_00572016-11-17_00582016-11-17_00592016-11-17_00602016-11-17_0061

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