2016-11-17_0011You probably know by now that Jenna is one of my high school senior reps. She is such an asset to TKP; I just love her and all that she has done for my business! Since she had a few referrals book with me, she won a mini session and free make-up by my super talented friend, Brittany Smith. So Jenna wanted to do a session with her boyfriend, Kody.

Jenna + Kody met as middle school sweethearts in 8th grade and have been together ever since. Their first official date was when Kody came over to Jenna’s house for meatball sandwiches and to watch the super bowl when her favorite team, the Baltimore Ravens, BEAT the San Francisco 49ers! Kody isn’t fond of the Ravens because he’s of course an Eagles fan. Haha!

Jenna didn’t meet Kody’s parents until 6 months after they started dating.

This super cute couple attends Northern Lebanon High School and will be graduating next year. I’m so happy to have made their day a little special with a fun session to celebrate 4 years of them being together! Thank you guys! <32016-11-17_00012016-11-17_00022016-11-17_00032016-11-17_00042016-11-17_00052016-11-17_00062016-11-17_00072016-11-17_00082016-11-17_00092016-11-17_00102016-11-17_00122016-11-17_00132016-11-17_00142016-11-17_00152016-11-17_00162016-11-17_00172016-11-17_00182016-11-17_00192016-11-17_00202016-11-17_00212016-11-17_00222016-11-17_00232016-11-17_00242016-11-17_0025If you’re currently a junior, ask Jenna for more details on my Senior Rep Program, or visit my website to find out more! I’m searching for my next team of representatives from all of the Lebanon County schools. This is for the class of 2018. If you’re interested in applying, don’t wait! Fill out that application form today! 🙂


Jenna + Kody | Lebanon, PA Couples Photographer