2016-09-21_0091Anyone that brings me out of central PA is automatically AWESOME in my book! Kerrianne + Eric were living in Pittsburgh at the time their engagement session was scheduled, so my husband and I drove out there and stayed overnight. It was so much fun! We had a blast getting a little tour of the area and just having a weekend away, thanks to them.

A little bit about this sweet couple; they met on a school field trip to Walt Disney World their freshman year of high school and since then, they’ve been inseparable. Ten years later and they’ve experienced everything from the high school glory days, to graduating college, traveling to Italy, Germany, Sweden, France, and Ireland, and moving to Pittsburgh.

One very exciting memory to add to their life story is their engagement taken place on August 1, 2015! They had been planning on going home for a family picnic (or what Kerri thought was just another ordinary family picnic). Truly, it was a family picnic, but this one had a surprise! Eric managed to get both his and Kerri’s families together at this one event, which Kerri had been trying to do this for years, without any suspicion from her, and without tipping off most of the other family members. After they had finished eating and things had calmed down, Eric took Kerri’s hands and led her to the center of the patio where he said he had an announcement to make. Aww! <3

Going into this, Eric knew it would be difficult to surprise her since they lived together and do practically everything together. But, he planned early and only let his mother and Kerri’s parents know. So not only did he surprise her, but he also surprised the family members that were able to attend. He chose to announce this exciting news in front of their family so that they could all celebrate this glorious day together, which for them, was the most perfect way to do it!

Kerri + Eric’s wedding day was amazingly beautiful! It took place at Brasenhill Mansion, one of my favorite venues in Lebanon City. Kerri truly looked like a princess, and the Disney theme was just so adorable. They made sure to have their guests look out for all of the hidden Mickey’s at each table/display during the reception. So neat!

One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was how involved and special they made each and every one of their guests feel. They are such a sweet couple! I am so honored that they chose me to capture this special time in their lives. I loved getting to know them and their dear families!

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Fry! Kerri, we are now officially related! 😉 2016-09-21_00012016-09-21_00022016-09-21_00032016-09-21_00042016-09-21_00052016-09-21_00062016-09-21_0007I still can’t get over the little heart appearing in my detail shot below. I’m not sure what the source was, but it’s a heart; a magical capture on their magical day! <32016-09-21_00082016-09-21_00092016-09-21_00102016-09-21_00112016-09-21_00122016-09-21_00132016-09-21_00142016-09-21_00152016-09-21_00162016-09-21_00172016-09-21_00182016-09-21_00192016-09-21_00202016-09-21_00212016-09-21_00222016-09-21_00232016-09-21_00242016-09-21_00252016-09-21_00262016-09-21_00272016-09-21_00282016-09-21_00292016-09-21_00302016-09-21_00312016-09-21_00322016-09-21_00332016-09-21_00342016-09-21_00352016-09-21_00362016-09-21_00372016-09-21_00382016-09-21_00392016-09-21_00402016-09-21_0041after-first-look2016-09-21_00422016-09-21_00432016-09-21_00442016-09-21_00452016-09-21_00462016-09-21_00472016-09-21_00482016-09-21_00492016-09-21_00502016-09-21_00512016-09-21_00522016-09-21_00532016-09-21_00542016-09-21_00552016-09-21_00562016-09-21_00572016-09-21_00582016-09-21_00592016-09-21_00602016-09-21_00622016-09-21_00632016-09-21_00642016-09-21_00652016-09-21_00662016-09-21_00672016-09-21_00682016-09-21_00692016-09-21_00702016-09-21_00712016-09-21_00722016-09-21_00732016-09-21_00742016-09-21_00752016-09-21_00762016-09-21_00772016-09-21_00782016-09-21_00792016-09-21_00802016-09-21_00812016-09-21_00822016-09-21_00832016-09-21_00842016-09-21_00852016-09-21_00862016-09-21_00872016-09-21_00882016-09-21_00892016-09-21_00902016-09-21_00912016-09-21_00922016-09-21_00932016-09-21_00942016-09-21_00952016-09-21_00962016-09-21_00972016-09-21_00982016-09-21_00992016-09-21_01002016-09-21_01012016-09-21_01022016-09-21_01032016-09-21_01042016-09-21_01052016-09-21_01062016-09-21_01072016-09-21_01082016-09-21_01272016-09-21_01092016-09-21_01102016-09-21_01112016-09-21_01122016-09-21_0113Kerri, you are RADIANT! 2016-09-21_01142016-09-21_01152016-09-21_01162016-09-21_01172016-09-21_01182016-09-21_01192016-09-21_01202016-09-21_01212016-09-21_01222016-09-21_01252016-09-21_01232016-09-21_01242016-09-21_0126And they lived happily ever after… <3

Vendor credits:

Dress | David Tutera at MB Bridal
Hairpiece | USA Bride (Etsy)
Viel | MB Bridal
Florist | Blooms by Vickrey
Venue | Brasenhill Mansion
DJ | Mark Hoover
Videographer | Moving Memories Videography
Lighting | Dutchman Soundworks
Additional Rentals | Eagle Rental Center
Cake | Kyrsten’s Sweet Designs
Catering | Quentin Tavern Catering
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Make-up Artist | Brittany Smith
Invitations | Minted
Favors | My Wedding Favors

Kerrianne + Eric Fry | Brasenhill Mansion Wedding | Lebanon, PA Wedding Photographer