Meet Mallory and JD. They are just so sweet! They will be getting married next April and just can not wait to share their special day with everyone they love!

This dear couple met on a website, talked for a while via Facebook, and then decided to meet each other at the Park City mall. And the rest is history! 😉

They’ve been dating for over 4 1/2 years. Since that time, they’ve bought a house together, and they have an adorable puppy named Jake.

JD proposed to Mallory on Leap Day of 2016! His proposal was so very thoughtful and heartwarming. Mallory’s mother was only a few days pregnant with her when a teenager ran a red light and t-boned her parents, causing her father to lose his life. Her mother almost lost hers. As Mallory and JD arrived at the cemetery where her father is buried, they walked to his grave site and sat down to talk. JD brought her here with the intentions of including Mallory’s father in his proposal. Mallory said it was a magical moment and she could definitely feel her father’s presence.

Mallory loves JD’s go-with-the-flow attitude, his laugh, and the way he continues to amaze her every day! JD loves her compassion, her loyalty to others, and her cleanliness. In their free time they love to spend time with their fur babies, take Jake for walks to the dog park, and work on house projects. JD also loves skateboarding and has taken Mallory to various skate parks in PA, DE, and MD.

They are just so excited to spend time with everyone they love, join their hands together as one family, and to make memories that will last a lifetime!

Congratulations on becoming engaged, Mallory + JD! I’m so happy for you! I just know that you will treasure these photos for years to come. 2016-06-30_00012016-06-30_00022016-06-30_00032016-06-30_00062016-06-30_00072016-06-30_00082016-06-30_00092016-06-30_00102016-06-30_00112016-06-30_00122016-06-30_00132016-06-30_00142016-06-30_00042016-06-30_00152016-06-30_00162016-06-30_00172016-06-30_00182016-06-30_00192016-06-30_00202016-06-30_00212016-06-30_00222016-06-30_00232016-06-30_00242016-06-30_00252016-06-30_00262016-06-30_00272016-06-30_00282016-06-30_00292016-06-30_00302016-06-30_00312016-06-30_00322016-06-30_00332016-06-30_00342016-06-30_00352016-06-30_00362016-06-30_0005

Mallory + JD | Engagement Photographer in Bainbridge, PA