It was almost a year ago when Ian asked Anna to marry him. From what I hear, it was a pretty romantic proposal… a room full of roses, dinner, a beautiful sunset, and a card that read “Will you marry me?” So sweet.

After hearing more details of their wedding day, it was time to schedule their spring engagement session. We ended up having to postpone their session twice because of how rainy the month of May turned out to be. We were all anxious to finally be able to get together for their session this past Saturday. (Thanks for being awesome models and working it in that heat and humidity!)

Anna + Ian will be getting married at the Inn at Leola Village, a gorgeous venue that suits their classic style well. I know their day will be amazing, so I can’t wait!

Congratulations, Anna + Ian, and thank you for having me capture your love story! Enjoy this season of engagement, because before you know it, you’ll be saying “I do!”2016-06-06_00012016-06-06_00022016-06-06_00032016-06-06_00052016-06-06_00062016-06-06_00042016-06-06_0020.jpg2016-06-06_00082016-06-06_00102016-06-06_00112016-06-06_00182016-06-06_00192016-06-06_00242016-06-06_00072016-06-06_00122016-06-06_00132016-06-06_00142016-06-06_00152016-06-06_00162016-06-06_00252016-06-06_00262016-06-06_00272016-06-06_00282016-06-06_00292016-06-06_00172016-06-06_00212016-06-06_00222016-06-06_00232016-06-06_00302016-06-06_00312016-06-06_00322016-06-06_00332016-06-06_00342016-06-06_00352016-06-06_00362016-06-06_00382016-06-06_0009

Anna + Ian | Engagement Photographer in Elizabethtown, PA