I met Sara + Zach back in 2014 when I photographed their maternity session. Sara was 33 weeks pregnant with Wyatt. It was one of my favorite sessions to date! Zailey is their adorable little girl who I also had the pleasure of meeting at the session. Thanks to Brit (Sara’s sister) + Tod for the referral again! 🙂

After working with Sara + Zach and their family a couple times, I felt so honored and excited to be working with them again for one of the most important days in their lives; their WEDDING DAY!

Everything about their wedding was just so elegant and beautiful! The venue, Sara’s dress, the decorations, the cake… I could go on and on!

I was so thankful to get a few shots outside when the rain gave us a little break! I think it’s safe to say that Sara + Zach are going to have lots of luck in their marriage with all the rain we had.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Zeigler and their adorable little kiddos! I’m so excited for what your future holds and I look forward to watching you grow as a family. Thank you all so much for having me a part of your special day!

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Venue | Brasenhill Mansion
Dress Designer | Allure Bridals
Florist | Blue Heron Flowers
DJ | DJ Rich Music
Cake | Cake a Fare
Catering | Heisy’s Catering
Groom + Groomsmen Attire | Central PA Tuxedo
Make-up Artist + Hair Stylist | Brittany Smith
Invitations | Expressions

Sara + Zach Zeigler | Brasenhill Mansion Wedding | Lebanon, PA Wedding Photographer