Wedding Tip Tuesday

As wedding season approaches, and wedding plans are almost fully accomplished for some brides, I wanted to share some very helpful tips on ensuring BEAUTIFUL photos on your wedding day. These are just a few tips that I include in my correspondence to TKP brides two months prior to their wedding day. This information will help any bride no matter what stage of planning they are in.

Enjoy! 🙂

Tip #1: Natural Light
You’ll want to make sure there is LOTS of natural light coming through the windows where you will be getting ready in. I will have the bride, her mom (and dad – when everyone is dressed), and bridesmaids close to the window while shooting. This light will make your pictures bright, airy, and vibrant!Sechrist Wedding 65

Tip #2: Bridal & Groom Details
Try to have all of the bridal details ready before the photographer arrives. These special detail items include:

  • The dress
  • Dress hanger(s)
  • The rings (Please make sure that all of the rings are with the BRIDE!)
  • Veil
  • Shoes (Bridesmaids shoes, too!)
  • Any other jewelry you will be wearing during your wedding
  • Bouquets and boutonnieres
  • Save-the-Date and invitation with envelopes
  • Program
  • Love notes or gifts to one another
  • Vows
  • Flower girl jewelry/headband
  • Perfume
  • Garter

Having these items that are dear to your heart will make your photos that much more special and sentimental. Please do your best to gather these items beforehand. Have them all put into a box/bag the week of your wedding. Your photographer will be so grateful!Triptych.jpg

Tip #3: Hide Your Trash
Please,  please, please, clear the area of any trash that may build up while you are getting ready. (Guys, this includes you, too!) Designate one corner of the room for trash and other items that you would not want in your photos (preferably the darkest part of the room where we will not be shooting towards). Watts Wedding 56

Tip #4: Make Your Bed
This may be a silly one, but I’ve seen hotel rooms where the bride/groom have not made their bed and somehow everyone’s cell phone gets thrown on top. If the comforter is white, I will most likely use this as a backdrop for detail shots, so please make sure it looks pretty. 🙂Siefert Wedding 2

Tip #5: Relax
You’re about to marry your best friend, and of course it’s normal to have butterflies, but when you see each other for the first time, those nerves will quickly fade away. Relax and have fun! Just think about spending the rest of your lives together, and your family and friends who will be there to support your special day. Hoffman Wedding 30
I would love to hear your love story and your plans for a perfect wedding day. Email me at to set up your complimentary consultation. I’m so excited to hear from you!

5 Tips for Ensuring Beautiful Photos on Your Wedding Day | Tracey Krick Photography