Morgan contacted me this past November about setting up an engagement session for her and Matt, her fiancé. Morgan’s favorite season is winter, and since I don’t do many sessions at that time of year, I was beyond excited!

This adorable couple plans to marry at Epcot in Disney World this October. How awesome is that?! I wish they could take me with and I’d photograph their wedding for a free trip to Disney. Hehe! 😉

Since they will be traveling to Florida, their wedding will be very small. They plan to celebrate with all of their families and friends at home before they tie the knot.

Morgan and Matt are both Millersville University Alum (Morgan actually just graduated – GO MORGAN!), so they thought it would be neat to hold their engagement session at the college. I was all for that idea since it’s a place that is dear to both of their hearts! I’m sure walking around campus together brought back so many great memories for both of them.

It was super cloudy, chilly, and windy this past Saturday when we met for their session, but it didn’t faze Morgan and Matt. They kept each other warm and were the absolute cutest!

I’m really looking forward to watching Morgan + Matt grow as a couple and soon become husband and wife. What a blessing it was to have met and worked with them.

Congratulations, you two! I couldn’t be more happier for you. Morgan + Matt 12.jpgDiptych 2.jpgDiptych 3.jpgWhat a beautiful ring! (And thanks to Morgan for holding that branch. I definitely couldn’t have done it without her assistance. That wind was brutal!)Morgan + Matt 4.jpgDiptych 3.jpgMorgan + Matt 13.jpgDiptych 1.jpgMorgan + Matt 6.jpgDiptych 1.jpgMorgan + Matt 21.jpgMorgan + Matt 7.jpgDiptych 2Morgan + Matt 23.jpgMorgan + Matt 25.jpgDiptych 3Morgan + Matt 2.jpgDiptych 1Diptych 2So affectionate!Diptych 1.jpgDiptych 1.jpgDiptych 1.jpgThese two crack me up!Diptych 3.jpgDiptych 2.jpgMorgan + Matt 53.jpgDiptych 2.jpgMorgan + Matt 58.jpgDiptych 2.jpg

Morgan + Matt | Engagement Photographer in Millersville, PA