It was in this home where lots and lots of memories were made for the Sechrist family. What makes their home special and so hard to give up is the fact that Mr. Sechrist (Dad) built it. It was where Jessica and her sister Lindsay grew up.

With Jessica and Lindsay both out on their own, Mom and Dad have to downsize, so the house that they have called home for so many years was put up for auction and sold.

Jessica, thank you for your extremely thoughtful idea for having photos done one last time before your parents moved on, and thank you for allowing me to capture more memories in your home for you and your family one last time!Diptych 3Diptych 2.jpgDiptych 4Jessica's Family 11.jpgDiptych 3.jpgJessica's Family 4Diptych 2.jpgJessica's Family 2.jpgDiptych 3.jpgDiptych 1.jpgJessica's Family 21Diptych 1.jpgJessica's Family 24.jpgDiptych 1.jpgTriptych.jpgDiptych 3.jpgDiptych 1.jpgDiptych 2.jpgDiptych 2.jpgJessica's Family 42.jpgDiptych 1.jpgJessica's Family 46.jpgDiptych 1.jpgJessica's Family 49Jessica's Family 50.jpgLindsay + Joe’s ‘Engagement Session!’ 😉Diptych 1Jessica’s ‘Senior Session!’ 😉Diptych 1Diptych 3.jpgDiptych 2.jpgDiptych 3.jpgShe’s a fabulous harmonica player!Diptych 4.jpg

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