Ellie is a doll and she is an excellent babysitter. My kids and I love her! I’m so glad she had me do her senior portraits. We had so much fun during her session!

Ellie attends Cedar Crest High School and will be graduating in 2016. Besides being an awesome babysitter, she is involved in the drama club including musical and one act plays. She is also in Media Club and is an advanced Broadcast Video student where she creates and produces videos. She also anchors the school’s morning announcements.

To top it off, Ellie is also a Big Star/Little Star where she travels to elementary schools and gets assigned to a student who she will then get to hang out with!

Her favorite subject is AP Language and Composition because she loves to write. Her favorite thing about Cedar Crest is that every aspect of the school is celebrated. Ellie loves that her principle balances the importance of the arts, academics, and athletics.

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Schwalm, her Broadcast Video teacher. He’s taught her things, not only about video, but about a lot of things. He’s a role model to all of his students, and has really allowed her to find what she is good at and love to do in the broadcast world.

Other than making videos and taking some pictures for fun, she loves to write and listen to poetry, sing, and do the typical teenager things like hang out with friends and find cool places for adventures.

Ellie plans on attending Temple University where she will major in the communications realm. She is looking into news anchoring as a career field.

Best of luck to you, Ellie! I’m so excited to see what your future holds.Diptych 3Diptych 2Diptych 1.jpgEllie Wagner 10Diptych 1Ellie loves to accessorize with hats. She brought a few to her session!Diptych 3Diptych 2.jpgDiptych 1Diptych 3Ellie Wagner 26Diptych 3Ellie Wagner 27Diptych 4Ellie says that her addiction to coffee is embarrassing. Her shirt reads “Espresso Yourself.” So cute!Diptych 3Diptych 1Diptych 3Ellie Wagner 40.jpgDiptych 3Ellie Wagner 45.jpgDiptych 1Ellie Wagner 5Diptych 1If you are currently a junior who will be graduating in 2017, you won’t want to miss the information coming soon on my Senior Rep Program! I’ve changed things up quite a bit from the past two years, and it’s just that much more AWESOME! Cash incentives and mini sessions with your BFF. More details will be announced this month!

Ellie | High School Senior Photographer in Lebanon, PA