I started this photography journey of mine back in 2012. I had worked part-time at Dutch-Way for a brief period of time and that’s how I met Shay. She was (and totally still is) so friendly, cute, and hilarious! I needed to build a portfolio and practice, so what better person to have than Shay? So, we set up a time to do my first photo shoot, and she brought along her very good friend at the time whose name just so happens to be Mitch.

I met Shay and Mitch at Conrad Weiser Homestead and we had so much fun! I can honestly say that my photography has greatly improved since then, haha! But anyway, Shay and Mitch were so fun and cute, and they were both totally model material. At this time they were just FRIENDS.

The next year (I think) I did Shay’s senior session. She is so easy to work with and knows just how to pose the right way and look so good! I don’t think Shay and Mitch were together yet at this point.

I’m not sure how long it was until I found out that Shay and Mitch finally started dating. And now they are ENGAGED! Wahoo!

It was so funny to do a second session with them knowing that this time they were actually a couple. They are so in love and are such a fun and playful couple. I’m really looking forward to working with them again and spending their day with them at the Booking House next August! It’s going to be such a fun and beautiful day.

Congratulations, Shay + Mitch!Diptych 1Shay + Mitch 9Diptych 1Diptych 3.jpgDiptych 1Shay + Mitch 18Diptych 2Shay + Mitch 3Diptych 3Shay + Mitch 6Mitch’s face is hysterical! They both had me cracking up with these shots!Diptych 2.jpgShay + Mitch 27What did I tell you? MODELS.Diptych 1Shay + Mitch 29Diptych 2Shay + Mitch 39Diptych 1Shay + Mitch 45Diptych 1Shay + Mitch 47Diptych 1Diptych 3Shay + Mitch 62Diptych 4Shay + Mitch 69

Shay + Mitch | Engagement Photographer in Lebanon, PA